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3 Tips to Regain Your Period: My Experiences with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

I first started my period just before I turned 11 years old. That’s young!!!  I look at 11 year old girls now and think it seems too early! I remember being embarrassed and incredibly self-conscious about it for at least the first year. I felt like everyone could tell when it was that time of the month and I was always concerned about having an incident in front of others. As time went by, I started to get really uncomfortable cramps, would want to wear whatever clothing I wanted without concern, and wanted to go swimming whenever I wanted…and that was the start of my period feeling like a really annoying inconvenience. It certainly wasn’t something I honored as the sign of optimal health, femininity, and...

3 Extraordinary Veggie Groups to Emphasize

On Instagram and Facebook I recently ran a poll to see what my readers and followers were interested in learning more about. In case you missed it, the options I presented were: Beginner level detox tips for home and self-care products, Making real food choices, Healthy lifestyle choices, Mindset regarding health & lifestyle, Homeschooling info, Basic day in the life of Deanna and her family, or a Mix of all. Every single topic was requested at least a few times, though many were interested in more beginner level home and self-care product detox tips, so I'll definitely be adding more of that. If...


My favorite online health food store!

If you've been to my Things I Love page, you've likely seen and heard about my absolute favorite online health food store!  If you've signed up for my email list and received my free detailed snack guide, you've also learned about this place!  I hope you believe me when I tell you that I won't be sharing things like this with you unless either myself or someone in my family is loving it!!  Today, I'm referring to THRIVE MARKET!!   As you may have read in my post previously, Thrive Market uses a similar concept as Costco.  They provide 25-50% retail prices for your favorite health foods with a paid membership.  So, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.  First, register for a...



I'm so excited that you’re here!   I really want this to be OUR space! I’m looking forward to sharing with you, but I’m even more excited for you to share with me! I really want to CONNECT with YOU!!   I wanted you to know what to expect here. I promise to be real and authentic with you. I’ll share with you tips and insights I’ve learned over the years on my own health journey and while working with my clients. You’ll find me writing about: the broad category of health and wellness, diet (in the general sense of the word), fitness, lifestyle, mindset, and more. Being a homeschooling family, you may even see some of that here if you are interested. You’re likely to hear me getting...