Unplug & Nourish Project (FREE) – Join Now!

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Unplug & Nourish Project (FREE) – Join Now!

During meals do you find yourself:

scrolling your phone,

watching TV or videos,


standing up to eat….?


Do you find yourself unsatisfied by your meals?


Do you feel bloated or have other digestive discomfort after meals?



Did you know that simply slowing down and paying attention to eating while eating (makes sense, right?) that you can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your digestion, as well as your satisfaction?



Join a FREE 1 Week Project

running Sunday, December 10th –

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

where we will focus on:

unplugging during meals

savoring your food

resting & digesting

learning more about yourself & intuitive eating


I know the holiday season can often feel busier and more rushed than ever, so we are going to keep this simple and doable.  Each day there will be some thought-provoking tips to help you slow down in order to unplug, nourish, savor, and digest!


Simply sign up below and you I’ll send you more details.  The daily information will be shared in a private Facebook group where we can support one another, ask questions, and share our experiences.   I’ll email you the link to join before we get started, so be on the look-out for it!  In the meantime, you’ll receive my newsletter welcome email and gain access to my FREE kick-butt snack guide!  BE SURE to check your email (spam included) for the CONFIRMATION as soon as you hit the submit button so you can complete the sign-up process.  If you’re already on my email list, don’t worry– it won’t create duplicate mailings.  Complete the confirmation process again to be sure you’re included in this project!



I can’t wait to connect with you further soon!

Deanna Wilcox

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