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13 Ways to Get Out of Your Head & Rejuvenate Your Energy

When I was sick, I often found myself stuck deep inside my head and body. Sure, I would often go within for necessary introspection or appropriate checking in. However, much of the time I was lost in thought about how to fix or solve what was going on with me. It was also frequently a defense mechanism because my energy was so low, that handling external stimuli was quite overwhelming at times. Healing requires a lot of energy and it is important to know our boundaries and be able to protect our energy, but I found that being stuck inside myself too much was a drain on my energy as well. I discovered that there were ways I could get outside my head and rejuvenate...

Food Sensitivities? 13 Tips for Coping & Recovering

During my journey healing from Lyme Disease, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), and multiple food sensitivities, I tried sooo many healing diets, and often tried combining multiple healing diets at once. Some of these included: GAPS, low FODMAP, Paleo AIP, Paleo, low mold diet, low carb diet, ketogenic diet, low histamine diet, low salicylates, low oxalates, low lectin, etc. After trying all of these diets and numerous healing protocols, you can imagine why we (my multiple practitioners and I) were wondering how it could be I wasn’t progressing the way we would have expected! If you’re in this place, I’m certain you know the struggle. There were a few times along the way where there were about only 3-5 foods I tolerated. Now, I eat a wide variety of foods I both enjoy and...