What if you could release the limiting beliefs, fears and negative thoughts that are holding you back from experiencing the immense joy, freedom and success you crave?


In my course, POWER Statements,

I will teach you how!

Are you fed up with...

feeling you're stuck in the same recurring pattern?

living the same challenges day after day?

carrying the burden of negativity, worry & anxiety?

being restrained from expressing your full potential?

struggling to meet every goal you set?

feeling empty of hope & joy?

having toxic thoughts that rob you of your peace & happiness?

settling for less than you deserve?

There's a way out!

You can learn to rewire your brain to...

Empower a limitless mindset

Unleash your full potential

Ignite self-love

Rekindle hope, faith & trust

Inspire creativity

Gain clarity of mind & your path forward

Reveal opportunities for you

Uncover your incredible gifts & greatness

Attract more vitality

Become fiercely confident

Embrace vulnerability

Deanna dress

Hey there! I'm Deanna, your coach.

I’m a certified health coach, mindset and wellness coach, and low-toxin living advocate.


I experienced a long and winding health journey that gifted me the opportunity to find more joy, peace, and gratitude in my life even when things are hard. I learned how to use my mindset to massively up-level my life. I empower my clients to let go of the limiting beliefs, rules, and dogma that have kept them unsuccessful and unhappy. I teach them to tap into what already lies inside of them to unleash more joy, peace, and freedom in their lives.

After years of...

being unhappy in my body

trying to always be smaller

restricting my food

battling chronic illness

fighting brain fog and fatigue

having a fear of setting goals

believing I was broken

feeling unworthy


losing my hope

living without great expectations

I learned how my thoughts were tied to my reality.

I was manifesting a life that had me struggling, striving, unhappy, sick, and fearful.

Over time I made shifts in my thoughts and mindset that empowered me to...

Love and accept my body

Experience deep gratitude daily

Embrace my wholeness

Reclaim my worthiness

Hold onto hope and trust again

Dream more boldly and believe I could have what I wanted

Start living my life without constant struggle, even in the midst of challenges

Experience a deeper level of healing I couldn’t seem to achieve previously

You can have all these things…and more too!

My experiences made me passionate about learning why and how these shifts were so powerful in my life. My path of growth and understanding inspired me to put structure to the methods that were so transformative for me. I’ve been using POWER Statements with my clients for over a year now with similar transformational results! This is a tool you can use life-long as you continue to discover the ways you can tap into your limitless mind!

If you are ready to commit 10 minutes a day to transforming your life, what you’ll gain from this course will be priceless!

What you can expect to receive to from the course:

8 modules delivered digitally, each 10-20 minutes

Worksheets to help activate your understanding

Activities to create more self-awareness and inspire immediate action

Detailed instructions on how to craft POWER Statements to massively up-level your life

High-level guidance on how to use POWER Statements to sustain perpetual growth and long-term joy, freedom, and success

4 weeks of email support for crafting and using POWER Statements (from the date of purchase)

A Diamond option, which includes a 90 minute private coaching session for personalized strategizing to unleash more freedom, peace, joy, health, and success in your life

“Through Deanna’s incredibly wise and insightful coaching, I have become more positive and confident.  Deanna has taught me to create and then use Power Statements to rewire my daily thoughts and get rid of self-destructive beliefs that over time were sneaking into my head. Although I started on a “health journey” with Deanna, the benefits of Power Statements have included a marked improvement in my ability to concentrate which has been so helpful with my work.”

~Martha K.

“When Deanna first suggested trying the power statement exercise, I was honestly a bit skeptical.  I’ve never really been in the habit of journaling and don’t have much of a personal interest in writing.  That being said…Deanna has never steered me wrong!  And given how powerful all of our work together has been, I was more than willing to give it an honest shot. And I am SO glad I did!  Because the power statements have turned out to be the biggest tool for my own personal insight and growth yet.  I’ve only done two so far, but the insights that have come from my subconscious through the process have been truly dramatic and transformative.  I am grateful to have learned the process, and look forward to continuing to use this method for personal growth in all aspects of my life!”

~Lisa G.

“When I first started coaching sessions with Deanna, I suffered from negative body image, low self esteem because of it. I was always too hard on myself, everything that I did had to be perfect. I had been working out for 9 years, tried different diets, tried different coaching styles, and ended up with bad eating habits – avoiding food groups, under-eating, always counting calories. I felt miserable inside as I was not seeing the results in my body for which I had been striving. During my coaching, Deanna taught me ‘self love’, which helped me immensely.  The mindset coaching completely changed my outlook towards my body and I started to be more kind towards it. It took a long time and I still, after a year, catch myself being critical about myself. I have to take a deep breath and remember to be constructive, see how far I have come in my personal struggle and give myself credit. When they say, ‘it’s all in the head’, it sure is! Life is a struggle but we need to be kind to ourselves. Make the right choices, trust yourself and enjoy your journey!”

~Happy G.