Holiday Gifts – Day 8

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Holiday Gifts – Day 8

Over the past several days I have shared with you

some healthy living gift ideas for the holidays! 

Today I have some final ideas for you!


I’ll try to keep the post brief because we all need more simplicity at this time of year,

so if you have additional questions, be sure to ask.  I’m happy to answer!


This may be my last post in this GIFT GUIDE, but it is NOT THE LEAST!  In fact, this is my FAVORITE idea!  In a world where we place so much emphasis on consumerism, I have become more and more attracted to the idea of giving EXPERIENCES as gifts!  My health challenges led me on a necessary path to minimalism and I don’t hate it!  Haha!  It’s become somewhat freeing to release stuff and to really question whether we need anything more.  Again, that’s why all of the gifts I’ve suggested in the days before this have had a theme of practicality, function, and/or the ability to be consumed in some way as well.


And now- experiences…


Here are some ideas:

Enrollment in a class (fitness, crafting, sports, cooking, photography, etc.)

Tickets to the movies

Tickets to the theater

Coupons for free babysitting

Appointment(s) at a spa

Wine tasting or visit to a brewery

Visit a chocolate factory

Entrance to a museum, zoo, theme park, etc.

Shopping date for something needed

Tickets for a zip line, obstacle course, or other wild & fun activity

Tickets for a tour of some sort or plans to be “tourists for a day”

Gift certificate to their salon

Tickets to a festival

Tickets for a concert

Membership to a gym or studio

Subscription to a magazine or Audible

Subscription to a meal service

Music lessons

Horseback riding

Plans for a date night

Gift card to a favorite or new restaurant


The ideas are really endless! 

Have fun with it and think of the potential priceless,

life-long memories your gifts of experiences may create!

What are your favorite ideas?

Deanna Wilcox

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