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FREE Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

You may or may not know that I have Chronic Lyme Disease.  Soon I will share more of my health story with you here on the blog.  Today, however, there was something I wanted to share with you that you’ll want to act on in a timely manner.  The 2nd Chronic Lyme Disease Summit is starting in less than two weeks.  I tuned into this FREE online summit last year in it’s first season and was so glad I did.  I learned so much!  There are so many options for care for those affected by Lyme Disease and you won’t want to miss the expert presenters talking about their experiences.


I am sharing this information with you solely because I TRULY care about preventing this disease from taking from the lives of ANYONE else!  I have witnessed first-hand and from so many friends and acquaintances the effects of this disease.  There is such a wide range of impact it can have on the lives of those affected and I want you to be aware.  Even if you don’t believe you know anybody now, it’s likely you’ll be able to share any knowledge you gain from this event with someone down the road that may be of incredible help to them.



Lyme Disease was once thought to be found only in certain concentrated areas, but it has quickly become an epidemic spreading across most of the globe.  There are well over a hundred possible symptoms.  Many who have Lyme Disease get misdiagnosed and their care is mismanaged, which can lead to further chronic and debilitating symptoms.  In fact, most doctors don’t even believe in Chronic Lyme Disease.  I don’t mean to make this sound so grave, but it’s unfortunately the truth.


That’s why I want you to take full advantage of this FREE online summit.  You’ll hear true stories about those who have struggled with Lyme Disease, but also many success stories and literally life-saving interventions.  Whether you have Lyme Disease or know someone who does, you don’t want to miss this informative event.  Again, even if you don’t believe you know anyone affected, I highly encourage you to tune in so that you can be fully aware of the signs, symptoms, and treatment options.  So, from June 19th-26th, 2017, you can listen and watch 30+ speakers share expert information all for FREE!  Sign up by following any of the links provided in this post.


Lastly, I will add that you may decide you really want long-term access to this information so you can consume it at your leisure.  It can be a whole lot to take in all at once.  You may also want to gift it to someone you love.  If you think you’d like to purchase lifetime access to the information, be sure to check out that option as well.  If you decide to purchase a package before the event begins, you will receive a savings of $20 on all of the packages.



Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn more about Lyme Disease and share your knowledge with others.  It is critical that more people learn about it so the proper diagnoses and care can be advocated for and received.

Let me know if you will be signing up for this event in the comments below.


Deanna Wilcox

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