6 Ways to Develop More Self-Love & Compassion

For so many years I fought my body. I fought to make it smaller. I fought to make it healthier. I fought for healing. I fought to make it more fit. I fought to make it everything I didn’t think it was already enough of. As I’m sure you understand, I didn’t move from this place of always trying to change my body, never feeling enough, never being happy with my body…to a place of deep love and compassion for it overnight. In fact, it was really an evolution that took years. Early on, the steps I took to achieving more body peace were small and fleeting (they were redirections that lasted only for the moment). The most significant changes came when I started recognizing the power of my thoughts and my mindset and committed...

An “Am I Hungry?” Hack.

One of my first posts was titled, “Make a List.”  I could have alternatively named it, “What are you Really Hungry for?”  Honestly, it was my homeschool mom who got in my head on that one…."Don’t end sentences with a preposition.”  “For what are you really hungry?” Nope! Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it! It’s just too formal sounding. Haha!   Okay, getting back to the point here… Let’s talk a little more about hunger.   Our body can signal in many different ways that it is time to provide it with some fuel. A lot of times when we think of hunger, we think simply about an empty or grumbly sensation in our belly. Some other signs our body may offer indicating a need for fuel include: a...


FREE Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

You may or may not know that I have Chronic Lyme Disease.  Soon I will share more of my health story with you here on the blog.  Today, however, there was something I wanted to share with you that you'll want to act on in a timely manner.  The 2nd Chronic Lyme Disease Summit is starting in less than two weeks.  I tuned into this FREE online summit last year in it's first season and was so glad I did.  I learned so much!  There are so many options for care for those affected by Lyme Disease and you won't want to miss the expert presenters talking about their experiences.   I am sharing this information with you solely because I TRULY care about preventing this disease...