How to PROTECT your Health by Exercising LESS

In my recent posts about exercise and weight loss (parts 1 & 2), I clarified the truth about the relationship between the two, and identified a few types of exercise that promote OVERALL health as well!! Within the last 6 years, I have personally experienced both extremes in my life regarding exercise: over-training (for my health status) and having VERY limited activity (due to my health status)....


The TRUTH about Exercise and Weight Loss – Part 1

Everywhere we look these days, there are health and weight loss do’s and don’ts. Am I right? How do we sort out which ones are safe, effective, meaningful, true to us…? It can be downright challenging! It’s hard to know who to trust even when we try to do the “research” on these things. Let me just say this: stop and ask yourself how you REALLY feel about a certain piece of information. Does it sit right with you? Does it resonate with you? Does it sound sustainable? You may remember a quote I shared with you a while back, “Not all change feels positive at first.” Change can be hard! Questioning our current thoughts and...