How to Decide When It’s Best to Say YES or NO

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How to Decide When It’s Best to Say YES or NO


You may remember in my last post that I spoke of a number of changes going on in the Thriving with Deanna household.  We have since completed the sale of our home and moved into our temporary living situation.  We also broke ground at our new home site and the actual house construction will even start this week (sooo exciting and completely overwhelming at times too).  I won’t go into too many details, but this whole process has added so many changes and challenges opportunities that it’s taking some major adjusting and adapting.  I honestly feel some days that I’m barely scraping by to keep all the things “balanced” and “flowing.”  It actually feels a bit more like some risky juggling at times.  The truth is that sometimes that’s the reality of  life.  Being aware of this, I’m not trying to force anything, and simply trying to find a rhythm of sorts that my body and my family feel comfortable with.


I THRIVE on routine with sufficient quiet and down time, and plenty of movement (specifically walking).  Since our move, and for several weeks prior, I have had almost none of these things, especially in any regular fashion.  So, I’m feeling it for sure.  I know this is a season and I’m willing to embrace it, but definitely not at the expense of my foundational health!


For each and every one of us, our needs will be different!  Given the journey my body has been through, I have to be cautious because although I don’t like to think of myself as fragile (anymore), the reality is that it does require gentleness.  Honestly, I embrace this with gratitude, though, because in the past, I had no idea I should be honoring my limits.  I would push right through it all.  Now, I’m much more aware of my strengths, limitations, and needs now.


I share all of this with you because something I’ve been thinking about a lot are my current priorities.  With each moment filled awesomely scheduled (I got this term from my friend, Kristen of Living Loving Paleo), I’m having to ensure I use my time wisely.  Since I feel like I’ve lost my traditional organization, I’m having to rework my time and ensure I preserve time for not only the necessities, but my priorities.  It got me thinking about some of the ways I determine whether I need to say YES or NO to something; whether something needs to get cut or added; and whether change or reorganization is necessary.  


So let’s take a look at how to decide

when it’s best to say YES or NO


Let’s first look at when to consider a NO…

Is this thing in your top priorities and in alignment with your values?


If you’re burned out and exhausted, what are the things you can start phasing out of your life?  Perhaps the things that don’t bring you a HARD YES when you think about them!


Can you delegate some of your responsibilities?


Do the things you’re currently doing make you feel passionate, purposeful, and happy?  If not, why?  Is it time to say NO? Or is it simply time for some changes to those things?


If you’re asked to do something or you’re already doing that thing, how does it feel in your body? Do you feel a sense of liveliness and excitement about it, or sense of stress and fatigue?  Does it feel burdensome or like a gift?


Now let’s look at when to possibly say YES…

Does it bring you joy to say YES?


Do you feel a resounding YES in your body?


Are you “pulling toward” it versus feeling a “shrinking away”?


Does it provide a sense of passion or purpose that brings you happiness and fulfillment?


It is moving you closer to a goal you strongly desire?


Is it stretching you to grow?


I hope these questions help you evaluate your priorities, making more time for the things that enrich your life and cutting out the stuff that drains your batteries.


Do you have other ways in which you make these decisions?

Deanna Wilcox

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