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Amazon Prime Day Home Kitchen Deals! (July 11, 2017)

If you’re an Amazon Prime Member, you probably know ALL about Amazon Prime Day!  This year it started tonight (7/10/17) at 9pm ET and continues throughout the day on July 11, 2017.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items in the home kitchen department that will be on special for Amazon Prime Day.  If you see something you like here, pay attention to when the sale starts and jump on the deal!!  Just click on the picture to be taken directly to the deal.



I love my Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.  It gets used several times a week, if not daily especially in the cooler months.

This deal starts at 9:05 am.



Or there’s this one which starts at 6:55 pm.


Green Life Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Ceramic Skillet (starts at 9:55 am).  If you like a non-stick cooking surface, this is a great non-toxic choice!

Lots of non-stick surfaces can be very toxic.



I have an Omega Juicer and it’s incredible! It’s great at pressing all the juice from your fruits and vegetables!

(starts at 6:15 am)



Although this isn’t the brand I have, I’d hate to be without my immersion blender!!! This one has good reviews and a great price!

(starts at 7:40 am)


I love my silicone baking mats for LOTS of things!

(starts at 7:45 am)


Kitchen Shears are a MUST for me!  These get used at EVERY SINGLE meal!

I use them for cutting up things from greens to  meats, and more!!


Having a mandoline slicer is an awesome advantage in the kitchen!

(starts at 7:15 am)


At 10:05 am, my favorite Excalibur Dehydrator goes on sale!  You can do so much with this!

If you’re on the hunt for a dehydrator, this is the one to get!



Kitchen scales come in so handy – especially when you need precision, such as in baking.

(Starts at 2:30 pm)


I hope find this helpful!  Happy shopping!!


If you want tips or ideas for other kitchen items I love to use, let me know in the comments below so that I can share those with you in  the future.

Deanna Wilcox

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