About Me

Hey there!

I’m Deanna Wilcox

a certified health coach, mindset & wellness coach, and low-toxin living advocate. I have a heart for empowering you to unleash more joy, peace, and freedom in your life! I adore helping women: tap into their inner wisdom; learn more deeply about themselves; let go of rules and dogma; and release limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thoughts that are keeping them from living the vibrant life they so desire!

I wasn’t always thriving. And now that I am, I want you to THRIVE with me!

After being in what felt like some of the deepest, darkest corners with my health, I know I don’t want you to have to go there too. And, if you already feel you are, I want to help guide you back to the light. I know that sometimes we have to go through the darkness to be ready to reach for something more!

My first experiences with chronic health issues began when I was a sophomore in college at just 20 years old. About 12 years later, I finally felt like I was finding solutions. My energy began to soar…until it completely crashed just 1 year later and my health completely unraveled. Over the next several years, I worked with multiple practitioners, went through protocol after protocol, and spent nearly $100,000 (or more…who was counting at that point?) trying to recover my health.

OF COURSE my diet and lifestyle were HUGE parts of my healing journey. I gained sooo much knowledge about optimal human health over those years. But, the one thing missing from my journey, that held me back from the healing I was striving so incredibly hard for, was my mindset!

In 2016, 4 years into that dark journey, I began to uncover how my thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs were keeping me sick! As I went inward to release the resistance to my healing, it began to unfold before me. Month after month, over the next year, the impact we had expected to see all along from the hard work I had put in, FINALLY began to show up! And it was with greater ease, peace, and joy than I could’ve imagined. I began to see my journey as a gift, rather than a burden!

Today, I want to share the beautiful gifts my journey taught me with YOU! I want to help you remove the shackles that are holding you back from the life you so desire! I want to you to be THRIVING with me!

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