7 Ways to Tap into Loving Energy

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7 Ways to Tap into Loving Energy

Earlier this week on Instagram I posted how I often get asked ,

“How can I love myself, believe I am whole and I’m enough AS I AM…RIGHT NOW, but still desire to change, grow, and become?”

I shared that…

It‘s really a fine line and only you will know when you’re actually doing both. In answer, though…when we allow love to fill us, when we love the parts of us hurting most, love the parts challenging us most…we can grow in the most beautiful ways we never could have even expected because LOVE is EXPANSIVE.

Just as in nature where growth is natural, it is for us too. It’s natural for our hearts, minds, and souls to crave this growth. We remove the resistance to it with tender loving care (TLC).

So, in short, IT STARTS WITH LOVE!

You may then be left wondering,

“That’s great, but HOW do I love the parts that hurt the most? HOW do I love the parts challenging me most?”

So I wanted to share with you…

7 ways that have helped me to tap into loving energy

1- Inspire Love –

You can channel the kind of love you would give to a child or a pet. Perhaps even picture yourself as a child. Turn that loving energy inward and allow yourself to feel bathed by it. Close your eyes and feel the warmth, the softness, the kindness, the light! Now offer it to those areas of you or your life that need it most!

2- Allow & Surrender

As you do this, many, many kinds of emotions may arise. Look to those emotions to tell you more about yourself and where love is needed. In my experiences, you are likely to feel a sense of sadness at times. You may also feel anger, frustration, and so much more. Allow these feelings. Surrender to them. And then let them be softened by love.

3- Offer Forgiveness

You may find that you need to forgive yourself, and you may need to forgive others. One way to do this is to use Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice, I learned from Jessica Flanigan in The Loving Diet:

“I’m so sorry we have to do it this way. Please forgive me. I love you.” You can repeat it over and over until you feel change.

4- Visualize Your Gift

Visualize the things that are causing you the most pain as a teacher, here to share a great gift with you! What do you see? What beauty is there for you? Take it in with the loving eyes with which you would see a child or a pet! Release judgement and be with it.

5- Give Grace

In choosing to see yourself through love, give yourself grace and space. Strip away the should’s, the striving, the demanding, the guilt, the comparison, the fear, the dread…and rest in love. Sit quietly in this space and, like a sponge, soak up the love!

6- Feel Your Body

Wrap your arms around yourself and receive a “bear hug”; massage your feet; rest your hands on your belly; feel your heart beating for you; interlace your fingers; move, sway, dance, or stretch with your eyes closed…and really feel it!! Your body is a vessel for love! Let it be full!

7- Talk to the Places that Hurt

Tell those places that it’s safe to surrender and rest in the love you have to offer, the love God has to offer. Ask what the pain is here to teach you. Allow the love to soften and melt the pain and discomfort you feel. Allow any emotions that come up to flow through you and repeat any of the steps above.

What part(s) of you are in need of the most love right now?

Deanna Wilcox

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