13 Ways to Get Out of Your Head & Rejuvenate Your Energy

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13 Ways to Get Out of Your Head & Rejuvenate Your Energy

When I was sick, I often found myself stuck deep inside my head and body. Sure, I would often go within for necessary introspection or appropriate checking in. However, much of the time I was lost in thought about how to fix or solve what was going on with me. It was also frequently a defense mechanism because my energy was so low, that handling external stimuli was quite overwhelming at times. Healing requires a lot of energy and it is important to know our boundaries and be able to protect our energy, but I found that being stuck inside myself too much was a drain on my energy as well. I discovered that there were ways I could get outside my head and rejuvenate my energy so that everything felt easier and more joyful.

What I’m going to share with you also helped reduce feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness that came from being drawn so tightly within. Even being an introvert, with lots of need for quiet even when I’m well, it was easy to feel lonely and disconnected when I was sooo stuck in my head and my body and physically unable to get out much. Even today, when I find myself being highly introspective or stuck inside my own little world (which can happen easily when you work alone from home), I use these techniques.

13 Ways to Get Out of Your Head and Rejuvenate Your Energy

1- Do something kind or special for someone else.

This could be as simple as sending a hand-written note or card, telling someone how grateful you are for them, holding a door, or giving someone a compliment. Or maybe it’s paying for somebody’s coffee, fixing them a meal, sending a thoughtful gift, or helping them with a task. No matter what it is, you’ll make them feel wonderful and, in turn, it can make you feel amazing too!

2- Do something you haven’t done in a while or learn something new.

Maybe it’s knitting or crocheting, coloring, crafting, or writing. Or perhaps it’s biking, boxing, going to a concert, sledding, or playing an instrument. Choose something that excites you!

3- Do a guided meditation or visualize something that takes you outside yourself to see the bigger picture.

I created this meditation for you because it’s one of the visualizations I used to do frequently to help take me out of my head. It helped me to see my place in the bigger world, rather than simply inside of myself.

One other visualization that used to be extremely helpful and energizing for me was to see myself with roots from my feet into the earth, soaking up the earth’s energy and warmth. Then I would visualize God’s loving energy bathing me in light from above. This visualization was extremely grounding and helped me to see myself as whole and something much bigger than the world inside of me. It also energized me and allowed me to direct energy outside of myself, rather than just within.

4- Get outside and really take it in.

Being outside is so incredibly healing and was and is one of the most healing things I do. Whether I have my eyes open and make it a point to look around and really observe and take in the sights or I close my eyes and listen for the individual sounds, it’s incredibly energizing and helps me to get in touch with the world outside of myself. The sun offers incredibly healing light (whether it’s sunny or cloudy) and provides so much beautiful energy. The fresh air is invigorating. Soak it all up!

5- Participate in earthing.

My favorite way to ground myself is to get right in the grass for some earthing. Whether it’s your bare feet or your whole body, get some parts of your body in touch with the earth to soak up it’s free electrons. Why? Having too many positive ions (emitted by things such as cell phones, Wifi, pollution, etc.) can be a detriment to our health. However, our bodies can equilibrate with the electrical potential of the earth when we come into direct contact with it. This has numerous health benefits, including: reduced pain, reduction in inflammation, better sleep, improved immune responses, and activation of the parasympathetic state. You can read more here and here.

6- Forest bathing.

The Japanese practice of forest bathing, or spending time in the forest, is believed to increase natural killer cell activity. Whatever part of the forest bathing process activates this in the body, it certainly isn’t going to hurt to spend some time among the trees. Again, getting in the forest has been a great way for me to get out of my own head and sense the bigger world outside of me, while at the same time, likely offering healing benefits. If you can hike, walk, or simply sit to meditate among the trees, try it out! You can read more here and here.

7- Read an entertaining book.

If you’re anything like I was when I was sick, all I wanted to do with my spare time was deep reading on healing, whether in book form, studies, articles, or posts. Instead, try picking up something fiction or entertaining that has nothing to do with health a little more often. Take yourself into a world outside of yourself and enjoy something light-hearted or action-packed – anything that grabs your attention and makes you want more of it!

8- Listen to music.

Again, when I was sick, all I ever wanted to do was listen to educational podcasts, books, or summits. I experienced auditory sensitivity (even more than I do when I’m well), so I was careful with what I listened to, when, and how, but sometimes listening to music (or something other than educational content) was really helpful in lifting my energy and taking me outside my own head. Maybe even get out to some live music, if you can!

9- Watch a funny movie or show, or spend time with people that make you laugh.

Lighten your mood and watch or do something that makes you laugh. You know what they say…“Laughter is the best medicine.” I’m such a serious person by nature that this was really important. It felt so good when I was able to lighten things up and whole-heartedly laugh – not just smile, but LAUGH! Belly laugh…tears rolling down my cheeks laughing! In fact, I even participated in laughing meditations sometimes. I felt so silly, but when it called my kids to the room to see what in the world was going on, it brought on even more laughter. Try it!

10- Move & get your heart rate up.

There were times that I was unable to be active much at all without it leading to a crash for me. But, if possible, get your heart rate up. If you’ve been bed-bound, maybe just some stretching would benefit you. If you’re able to get up and around, try some rebounding, a brisk walk, dance. Only push as much as it feels good and allow the energy to fill you up!

11- Switch activities.

Sometimes doing one activity for too long can leave us feeling depleted and stuck in our heads. Change positions, move around, switch activities, breathe, stretch…anything to get your blood flowing and your mind inspired. This can really help to shift the energy in your body.

12- Breathe.

Take at least 10 deep belly breaths to clarify your mind and revitalize your energy. I also love box breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or lion’s breath for this.

13- Meditate or power nap.

When I find myself feeling stuck, I tend to want to do something distracting (such as withdraw into my phone for some mindless scrolling). However, I ALWAYS feel infinitely better when I practice any form of meditation for a few minutes instead. I also used to take power naps or a few minutes of quiet rest, laying down with my eyes closed. Any of these things are far more rejuvenating than drawing further inward. Being inside our head can be one of the most draining things to do.

Let me know which of these you’ll try and which of them work great for you! Are there other ways you like to get out of your head and feel more energized?

Deanna Wilcox

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