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Desire + Learn + Trust + NOURISH = VIBRANT LIFE (Part 3)

Welcome back to the mini-series on my equation Desire + Learn + Trust + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE.  This is part 3, so if you haven't already read part 1 where we discussed Desire or part 2 where we talked about Learn + Trust, head there first!   NOURISH. This is where we bring all of our self together – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. We’ve touched on most of these pieces in the first 3 areas (Desire + Learn + Trust) of the formula. Now we are going to ensure we unite everything here. No matter what our goals are the only way to actually achieve them is to take action. The first 3 parts of the formula reflect more of the planning stage, but now we...


My favorite online health food store!

If you've been to my Things I Love page, you've likely seen and heard about my absolute favorite online health food store!  If you've signed up for my email list and received my free detailed snack guide, you've also learned about this place!  I hope you believe me when I tell you that I won't be sharing things like this with you unless either myself or someone in my family is loving it!!  Today, I'm referring to THRIVE MARKET!!   As you may have read in my post previously, Thrive Market uses a similar concept as Costco.  They provide 25-50% retail prices for your favorite health foods with a paid membership.  So, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.  First, register for a...


Desire + LEARN + TRUST + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE (Part 2)

Today we return to our discussion about the equation Desire + Learn + Trust + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE.  We started with Desire. If you haven't read that yet, start there. LEARN. So once we've decided we're ready for change, it's important to get our groove on with learning. We'll want to be open minded because it's possible we'll learn that our original thought about how to achieve what we desire isn't the most appropriate route for us. So often we accept as truth things we've heard without even stopping to consider where they've come from and how we really feel about them. So now is the time to learn more about the area in which we want to see results, methods of accomplishing those results, who...


DESIRE + Learn + Trust + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE (Part 1)

Desire + Learn + Trust + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE This is a formula that we will put on repeat like your favorite song! You may have noticed it as my tagline on my homepage. I wanted to tell you where it came from. In my years as a coach and through my own personal health journey, I've learned that these 4 commitments are critical pieces for achieving vibrancy!...


FREE Chronic Lyme Disease Summit

You may or may not know that I have Chronic Lyme Disease.  Soon I will share more of my health story with you here on the blog.  Today, however, there was something I wanted to share with you that you'll want to act on in a timely manner.  The 2nd Chronic Lyme Disease Summit is starting in less than two weeks.  I tuned into this FREE online summit last year in it's first season and was so glad I did.  I learned so much!  There are so many options for care for those affected by Lyme Disease and you won't want to miss the expert presenters talking about their experiences.   I am sharing this information with you solely because I TRULY care about preventing this disease...


It starts with habits.

I have a series of blog posts I will be sharing here shortly regarding the tagline you may have noticed on my home page. Desire + Learn + Trust + Nourish = VIBRANT LIFE. There we will dig much deeper into a discussion about goals. In the meantime, I wanted to discuss those smaller steps we use to achieve broader desires. Have you ever noticed what those smaller increments often consist of? The creation of new habits. Right?! Think about it. It’s things like: complete 3 important tasks related to the larger goal each day; get to bed by 10:30 each night; eat additional servings of veggies each day, etc. Those daily habits then add up over time to create our larger desired outcomes. Creating...


Make a List.

Do you ever find yourself eating when you already feel completely satisfied? Or have you ever found yourself rummaging in the fridge or cupboards even when you just recently ate? What about experiencing cravings that lead you to eat even though you’re not hungry?   This could be going on for a number of reasons. One of those could be that you have an overall nutrient-poor or even low-food diet and your body is craving real nutrition! It could also be that you’re thirsty, so grab a large cup of water! However, I often find that my clients do these things when they are really hungry for something other than food.   What might you be hungry for? If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed you may truly desire...



I'm so excited that you’re here!   I really want this to be OUR space! I’m looking forward to sharing with you, but I’m even more excited for you to share with me! I really want to CONNECT with YOU!!   I wanted you to know what to expect here. I promise to be real and authentic with you. I’ll share with you tips and insights I’ve learned over the years on my own health journey and while working with my clients. You’ll find me writing about: the broad category of health and wellness, diet (in the general sense of the word), fitness, lifestyle, mindset, and more. Being a homeschooling family, you may even see some of that here if you are interested. You’re likely to hear me getting...